What do the Stages mean?

When the engine is hard at work generating your schedules, you can track its progress from your caseload page. On it, there is a table that shows the status of all of the candidate schedules. The status for each one can be seen in the "Stage" column.

Following are the possible Stages:

Stage Meaning
Queued (1 of 6) The candidate schedule is queued for processing, but processing has not yet begun.
Started (2 of 6) One of the scheduling engines in the server farm has begin processing the candidate schedule.
Processing (3 of 6) The scheduling engine has started to analyze your caseload and set up internally.
Solving (4 of 6) The scheduling engine is trying to find a schedule that meets all of your required constraints.
Optimizing (5 of 6) The scheduling engine has found a schedule that meets all of your required constraints! (You can't view the schedule just yet.) Now, it's working on optimizing that schedule to maximize your preferred constraints.
Success The scheduling engine has generated an optimized schedule, and it's ready for you to view.
Did not find any solutions The worker has given its very best effort to generate a schedule, but ran out of time. It's likely that your caseload has a mathematical conflict that needs to be corrected. See also Why didn't the engine find any results?
Orphaned :( The scheduling engine was interrupted, and was unable to finish generating a schedule.
<something else> Often, other messages spell out a specific error condition in your caseload. If it doesn't make sense to you, please contact Support for help deciphering the technical gibberish.

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