How do I schedule a student to be seen monthly?

SLP Scheduler outputs a schedule meant to be followed once every "rotation" (which, for most, is a 5-day week).  After one rotation (week) passes, the same schedule is meant to be followed for each rotation that follows.  For example, when you see a student on one Tuesday morning, you'll see that student every Tuesday morning during the school year.

If you desire to see a student on a monthly schedule (instead of a weekly schedule), there's an easy workaround that you can use:  Build monthly students right into your weekly schedule, and then just make a side note that you can skip some of their scheduled sessions.

For example, if Sally's IEP specifies that she should be seen one session per month, for 30 minutes each session, here's how you should enter it into the Caseload Editor:

  • one 30-minute session per rotation

Your generated schedule will have a 30-minute time slot blocked off for Sally each week (that's ~4x per month). Simply skip 3 of those 4 monthly sessions, for a total of 1 session monthly.

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