Can I manually edit a generated schedule? Or am I stuck with it?

The scheduler has been churning away for hours, and it finally emailed you with a schedule.  Everything looks great--except for those one or two things.  Do I start over?  Am I stuck with it?

There are three ways that SLPs typically handle manual updates, and it all hinges on this question:  Do you need to run the scheduling engine again?  Or can you figure out the remaining details on paper, without help from the scheduler?

  • Scenario 1 (most common):  Often SLPs will take their favorite schedule generated by the engine, and make some minor tweaks here and there, as necessary.  These tweaks are done manually, without the help of the scheduler.  Then, they will disseminate the schedule and start using it.
    • If you want a way to add your manual edits back into the scheduler for future reference, see Scenario 3 below.
  • Scenario 2 (moderately common):  If the schedules generated are pretty far off, SLPs often will re-edit their caseload preferences and click the big green "Schedule" button again.  The engine will dutifully generate 5 new schedules for you.  If you don't like what comes out, you can either try a 3rd time, or go back to one of the originally generated schedules.
    • Protip:  Be sure to edit your caseload or preferences before trying again.  If you forget, then you'll likely end up with 5 more schedules that you don't like.
  • Scenario 3 (less common):  If you're somewhere in the middle, you might want to keep half of a generated schedule exactly the same, but let the scheduling engine rework the other half.  You can do this by leveraging the "fine-tune" function.  You can see the "fine-tune" link on the schedule detail page.  Clicking the "fine-tune" link will set "exact spans" for all of the previously generated schedule time slots.  Any student session with an "exact span" will stay scheduled at the same day/time.  You then remove any such exact spans that you want the scheduler to rework for you, then click the big green "Schedule" button again.
    • Protip:  The "fine-tune" function is only available for the most recent batch of schedules generated for you.  If you've already clicked the "Edit" caseload button, but would still like to fine-tune a previously generated schedule, please contact Support so we can help you revert your caseload to a previous version.  (This limitation exists to prevent you from accidentally losing recent changes to your caseload.)

If you're unsure what to do, we recommend Scenario 1 above.

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