How to schedule "5 Minute Kids"

Many SLPs have adopted the 5 Minute Kids articulation program.  There are multiple ways to do it, but the easiest way to accommodate this in your schedule is as follows:

  • For every classroom you wish to visit, add a new Student to your caseload
    • Name:  "Mrs. Smith's 5 Minute Kids"
    • Building:  <Mrs. Smith's building>
    • Grade:  <Mrs. Smith's grade>
    • Primary Classroom Teacher:  "Mrs. Smith"
    • Add a new Session under this student for every time you wish to visit the classroom per rotation (i.e. per week).  One session for 1x/week.  Two sessions for 2x/week, etc.
      • Session Goals:  "other"
      • IEP Minutes:  <minutes per visit to classroom, usually 5 * number of students you're seeing>
      • Minutes per...:  "Rotation"
      • Delivery Model:  "Individual"

If you follow the above steps, the scheduler will give you a block (or whatever duration you entered) each week to visit Mrs. Smith's classroom.  The scheduled block will respect Mrs. Smith's classroom schedule.

All of this is done in place of scheduling separate 5-minute sessions for each individual student.

Follow these above steps once per classroom that you wish to visit.

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