Manually scheduling some of your students

SLP Scheduler provides multiple ways to manually schedule some of your student sessions.

Method 1:  Exact Times

If you want to manually schedule one of your student sessions, you can "pin" a session's start time using the "Exact Times" field.  Simply enter the exact time that you desire that student session to start, and the scheduling engine will honor that time for all schedules generated.

This is the recommended method.

Method 2:  "Individual" Delivery Model

Sometimes you have students whom you don't want to be mixed in with the rest of the caseload.  For example:

  • ESL students
  • students who are cognitively disabled
  • students with behavioral issues

You can usually just let the scheduling engine handle these students individually, by selecting a Delivery Model of "Individual".

Method 3:  Omit Specific Session

If you'd truly rather manually schedule these special-case students, simply omit them from your caseload altogether, and run the engine. Then, manually schedule the special-case students on top of your favorite generated schedule in your new schedule’s unallocated time.

If you have specific windows during which you know that you'll need to see these students, you can add a "Must Not" availability to your therapist schedule. When you click "Schedule", the engine will happily schedule the majority of your caseload, without knowing (or caring) that you're manually scheduling students during those time windows you blocked off.

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