What are the device requirements? Can I use an iPhone or iPad?

All you need is a browser, so you can use any device. Tablets and phones are fine. We do recommend devices with larger screens, as the caseload editor requires lots of scrolling. Also, some older devices may run slowly.

No downloads are required (not even an app). Most of our internal testing leverages the latest Chrome browser, but in theory, any browser should work.

To try out the caseload editor on your device, you can register for a free account. You won't need a credit card until you're ready to kickoff the scheduling engine on your already-entered caseload (later).

Also, you're free to switch between devices as you use the service (you won't lose anything). Just don't forget to click "Save" on the caseload editor before walking away. :)

For example, you might want to start entering your caseload on your desktop/laptop computer at work. You're not done when it's time to leave, so you save your caseload and head home. Later, you finish entering your caseload from your iPad, click the "Schedule" button, and go to sleep. In the morning, you check your generated schedules from your iPhone.

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