"(Wo)man vs. Machine" Challenge

Help our scheduler get smarter, and win $10 account credit.

After having clicked the big green "Schedule" button, did you receive the message "Did not find any solutions" for all five scheduling attempts?  If that's you, but yet you have a schedule created by hand that you believe meets all of the criteria in your caseload, submit your manually created schedule to us.  If your manually created schedule is valid and satisfies all constraints as you entered them in the caseload editor, we'll credit your account $10.

To submit, please send the following information in an email to help@slpscheduler.com:

Student numberGoalDay of weekStart timeEnd time
1ArticulationMon8:15 AM8:35 AM
2ArticulationTue1:00 PM1:30 PM
2LanguageWed2:00 PM2:20 PM
3ArticulationTue9:00 AM9:15 AM

The student number comes from the caseload editor.  Please avoid using student names in email, due to HIPAA.

Every row in the table should map to one student session.  If there are multiple sessions per student (e.g. #2 in table above), please include each session as its own row in the table.  There should be the same number of rows in your table as there are sessions in your caseload.

Thanks for helping us improve our scheduling engine!

Fine print:

  • Offer valid only for customers with an active subscription (including those with auto-renew disabled).
  • Submission must be made within first 30 days after free trial ends.
  • Customers are ineligible who are (1) still in their free trial; (2) have expired access to the scheduling engine; (3) past due; (4) expired; or (5) canceled.
  • Limit one redemption per customer per 12-month window.
  • We will not process incomplete submissions, or submissions that don't map completely to your caseload as entered.  Please see above for guidelines.
  • Your caseload will be evaluated against all criteria provided in the caseload editor.
  • An account credit will not be issued if there are mathematical conflicts in the caseload as entered by the customer.  We are not responsible for data entry mistakes (but we are happy to help you find them!).
  • Depending on how busy we are, it may take 60 days or more for us to process your submission.
  • We process submissions in the order we receive them.
  • This offer carries no cash value.  Account credit is applicable to upcoming invoices only.  Account credit cannot be paid out to a customer.
  • Final determination of award is at the sole discretion of SLP Scheduler and Hack Engine, LLC.

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