Add CSV/Excel/spreadsheet result format

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I am wondering if there is a way to generate a report listing of student, teachers, and scheduled times into a CSV program or similar.

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Hi Debbie, thanks for the idea! I tried really hard to present data entry in a grid format for this year, but it didn't work out well.

The fundamental problem with a grid or spreadsheet is the dynamic nature of the data you're entering about your caseload. If I make each row represent a student, then it's hard to represent multiple sessions for that student (parts of a row?). If I make each row represent a session, then data tied to the student (like grade or teacher) will be duplicated on multiple rows.

Further, my biggest struggle: It's poor design to have an entry form that requires multiple scroll bars or doesn't render well on a small mobile phone screen. I'm open to suggestions on how to make the grid/spreadsheet work!

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Hi there!  There is not currently an option to output into a CSV.  However, we're always looking for new ideas for future features!

The primary issue with formats like CSV is that they're uniquely structured.  In other words, a CSV format useful for one SLP may not be useful for another.  Are you looking to export the CSV so that it can be imported by another program?  Or are you just looking for a generic output?


Hi all, we're pleased to announce a new "Table" schedule result format, complete with dynamic sorting/filtering/formatting. It allows you to more easily print your schedule, as well as to export it as a PDF or spreadsheet.

Feedback is welcome!