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Add a new "Minimize Bonus Overtime" optimization preference

MHurst 8 years ago updated by Jonathan (Founder) 8 years ago 1

The whole "can optionally dismiss at" thing causes problems....not horrible problems but I'm curious if there's a parameter I can set as important that has to do with matching session lengths for kids...

First, most of these kids are very little and have to be escorted back to class so they will not likely actually get dismissed early.

I cannot bill for the extra time. I'm also really not supposed to take them more than their service time (due to LRE, of course).

I'd have to put in the kids' billing in individual sessions instead of in groups which takes longer than group billing. If I bill the group, it'll overbill for the kids who need less time.

It's a bit of an audit nightmare.


Thanks so much!

Under review

Hello! Thanks for the feedback. This is good stuff.

It's definitely possible to add another preference for "Minimize Bonus Overtime" (or some similarly named item).

In the meantime, one way to handle this is to see students for the entire scheduled session (including the overtime), and bill as a group. Once the student has reached his/her monthly, quarterly, semesterly, or annual target minutes, stop seeing them. Clearly this does not help students with weekly minutes targets, also billing gets more complicated near the end of the month, quarter, semester, or year.