Bulk Orders

We offer bulk ordering to school districts and organizations looking to make a single payment for multiple SLP users to utilize SLP Scheduler during a single school year.

The base price per caseload for bulk orders is the "Single Year" price listed at https://slpscheduler.com/subscription/purchase/

The service is purchased according to the number of caseloads (not number of SLPs). This allows an SLP (and, optionally, an assistant who shares the caseload) to create a schedule that covers the entire caseload.  Definitions, explanation, and examples are given at the above link.

There is no minimum number of caseloads that constitute a bulk order.  However, the following bulk discounts are applicable:

Number of caseloadsDiscount off order total
10-245% off
25-9910% off
100+15% off

Upon request, an official invoice is electronically sent to the requesting school district or organization.  The invoice includes payment instructions.

Currently accepted forms of payment include:

  • Cards (this is our preferred method)
  • ACH bank transfer

Once payment has been received and cleared, our Support team electronically sends a list of coupon codes to the requesting school district or organization--one code per requested SLP.

The requesting school district or organization is responsible to disseminate the coupon codes to SLPs.  Due to HIPAA, each SLP creates her/his own separate account at https://slpscheduler.com, and pastes her/his assigned coupon into the purchase page (linked above).  Each SLP can redeem only a single coupon code.

For anti-fraud reasons, each SLP is required to verify their identity by inputting their own credit card information.  However, as long as she/he uses a valid coupon code, their card will not be charged.  SLPs should not enable auto-renew on their personal account, unless she/he desires to pay for following year's subscription themselves.

Once registered, each SLP has access to run the scheduling engine and view results until the last month of her/his 12-month subscription, which begins when the coupon code is redeemed.  All caseload data and previously generated schedules are preserved to ease scheduling in future school years.

If a coupon code is not redeemed during the school year, there are two options:

  • Save the unused coupon code for a future school year.  Coupon codes never expire.
  • Contact our Support team to request a refund for the unused coupon code.

Bulk orders do not automatically renew from one school year to the next.  For a school district or organization to continue using SLP Scheduler the following school year, another bulk order must be placed.

If interested, please contact our Support team.  We will ask you for:

  • School district name and info
  • Administrator/accounts payable name and contact info (the person that should receive the invoice email requesting payment)
  • SLP representative and contact info (the person that should receive the coupon codes)
  • Purchase order (PO) number, if applicable
  • Number of SLPs (corresponds to the number of coupon codes you'll receive)
  • Number of caseloads. If different from the number of SLPs, specify the breakdown of caseloads-to-SLPs.
  • Desired coupon code prefix.  This is used for your internal purposes only.  (e.g. If your school is "George Washington", you may wish to have a prefix "gw" in your coupon codes.)

Please feel free to send questions to our Support team at any time.

Fine print:

  • These terms are subject to change.  Also, please review our standard Terms and Privacy policies.
  • This bulk discount offer carries no cash value.
  • Bulk orders are not eligible for discounts other than the bulk discount described above.
  • Bulk orders do not include a trial period.
  • Once a coupon code is redeemed, it cannot be refunded.
  • When a refund is requested for unredeemed coupon codes, the amount refunded is the grand total invoice price difference between [the newly generated invoice] and [the paid invoice].
  • Regardless of any bulk discount applied, coupon codes bear a value equal to [the number of caseloads it represents] * [the base price per caseload at time of purchase].  For example, a single-caseload coupon code purchased when the base price was $27 USD per caseload is "worth" $27 when applied to a future school year.
  • Unless stated otherwise, all currency units are in USD.
  • Final determination of discounts and refunds is at the sole discretion of SLP Scheduler and Hack Engine, LLC.

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