Add PDF result format

Jonathan (Founder) 5 years ago updated 1 year ago 6

Right now, results can only be displayed in text in HTML (for viewing on the web/mobile browser). Add a PDF result format, so that a schedule can be printed, and perhaps handed out to teachers.

I was thinking it would be nice if the schedule would come out in an excel type format with a table instead of a list.

This might be a bit closer to what you're looking for:


Not implemented yet, but in the plans!

For folks using Chrome as their browser, here's a workaround that can be used today:


FYI, our new graphical format is another way to print your generated schedule.  It's not a PDF per se, but it's a brand new view that is suitable for printing and handing out to administrators/faculty.  

You can peruse your historically generated schedules by visiting https://slpscheduler.com/scheduler/history/, and see how your schedule looks when graphically displayed in the new format.